AJPW (All Japan Pro-Wrestling): Vader joined Giant Baba's promotion in 1998 after securing a contract release from the WWF. After his failed Titan run, Vader proved his critics wrong once again, winning the Triple Crown twice, as well as the tag team title (with Steve Williams), Champion Carnival and headlining the Tokyo Dome. Vader jumped ship from All Japan to NOAH in 2000.

AKIRA TAUE: A former Triple Crown, Taue put over Vader in early '99 in a short match for the then vacant Triple Crown. The belt was vacated by Toshiaki Kawada after an arm fracture. Taue is now a cult figure in NOAH, including a recent GHC title run, defeating Takeshi Rikio for the belt, before losing it to Jun Akiyama in January.
Antonio Inoki: Legendary wrestler and figurehead of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Inoki had a famous shootfight with Muhammad Ali in 1977. By 1987, Inoki hadn't lost for over four years (since a job for Hulk Hogan) causing even more of an upset when he lost to Big Van Vader (in his New Japan debut) in less then three minutes. A little over eight years later, Vader returned the favour in an excellent match at the Tokyo Dome.

AWA (AMERICAN WRESTLING ASSOCIATION): Vader's first promotion since being trained by Brad Rheingans. Owned by Verne Gagne, AWA was close to going under by the time Vader debuted (it finally did some years later). Vader worked under his real name, Leon White, and the names Baby Bull and Bull Power. Past AWA champions (other than Gagne) include Nick Bockwinkel, The Crusher, Mad Dog Vachon & Stan Hansen.

BABY BULL: Vader's first nickname. Named because of his hair 'style' (supposedly resembling horns), and his bull like size. Baby Bull became Bull Power upon the birth of his son, Jesse White, who then became Baby Bull.
BAM BAM BIGELOW: Legendary super-heavyweight wrestler who debuted shortly before Vader but was far more athletic in his first few years. The two monsters fought and then teamed, winning the IWGP Tag Team title as Big, Bad & Dangerous before Vader left for WCW, and Bigelow for WWF.

BASSAM AL-OTHMAN: Kuwaiti TV host of the show Good Morning Kuwait. Vader was told to shove Othman by WWE brown-noser Gerry Brisco, with Othman claiming not to have been informed. The YouTube video clearly shows Vader following his orders, with him subsequently spending several in days jail and having to pay a measly fine of $166.
BATTLE BOWL: Another Dusty Rhodes concoction, not as ingenious as Wargames, although far more sane then the Chamber Of Horrors. Vader was eliminated by Sting (who won) in 1991 and 1992 (won by Great Muta). WCW World champion Vader won the 1993 Battlebowl, eliminating Cactus Jack, Road Warrior Hawk, Ric Flair & Sting along the way.

BIG, BAD & DANGEROUS: The name given to Vader's IWGP championship winning tag team with Bam Bam Bigelow.

BIG BOSS MAN: The late Ray-Traylor ranks up there with Vader, Bigelow and Andre the Giant as the greatest super-heavyweights in history. Traylor, as the Boss, had an excellent underrated **** brawl with Vader at Spring Stampede '94, also fighting Vader at that years Bash at the Beach (as the Guardian Angel), Fall Brawl, AND Halloween Havoc.
BIG SLAM VADER: Appearing on many independents throughout the US, has been the tattooed Vader clone, Big Slam Vader.
BIG VAN CRUSH:  The Japanese name for the Vader splash and the alternative name for the Big Van Vader site during the trouble with WWE Legal.
BIG VAN VADER: The name of Vader's most succesful gimmick, and the name of this site. The Big Van Vader gimmick debuted in 1987 in New Japan, equipped with both mask and steam emitting helmet, Van Vader saw success in NJPW, UWA, and later WCW. After fear of legal reprise with New Japan over the name; Big Van Vader became Vader in WCW, and Super Vader in UWF-I.
BOY MEETS WORLD: Vader appeared in three episodes of the popular TV programme in 1995-96 as the character Francis Albert 'Frankie' Stecchino Sr. The first appearance saw Vader wearing his US title he won from Jim Duggan. The latter two appearances were whilst working for Titan, including a match with Jake Roberts that aired as part of the show.
BRAD RHEINGANS: Vader's trainer, also the trainer of Rick Steiner, Bradshaw, and more recently Brock Lesnar. Rheingans is a former Olympic wrestler and has been affiliated with New Japan Pro-Wrestling for the last two decades.
BRUISER BRODY: Legendary brawler, Brody was a huge name in Japan for many years before being stabbed to death by Invader #1 in Puerto Rico in 1988. Brody was one of the early opponents for Leon White, often brutalising Vader in a fashion that Vader would later adopt during his spell in WCW.
BULL POWER: The name Vader used for much of his AWA run, and the name he used during his three title runs as CWA World champion. The Bull Power character evolved from his early AWA appearances wearing shorts to incorporating many of the Big Van Vader characteristics such as the face mask.
CACTUS JACK: Several years before Mick Foley went through the Hell in a Cell, Cactus Jack was annihilated by Vader on two separate WCW TV tapings. The full list of injuries Jack suffered can be found on the Victims page. Cactus Jack and Vader headlined the Halloween Havoc '93 PPV in an excellent falls-count-anywhere match. Several months later, Jack lost his ear to Vader whilst the two wrestled in Germany. Essential viewing; Mick Foley Greatest Hits & Misses DVD.
CHAMBER OF HORRORS: Dusty Rhodes' 60's B-movie concept, was the first match on the 1991 Halloween Havoc PPV. Existing of a giant steel cage, several ghouls, and Abdullah the Butch being fried in an electric chair. This was the first time Vader and Sting fought on a PPV.
CHAMPION CARNIVAL: All Japan's annual singles tournament saw Vader, as Triple Crown champion no-less, win in his inaugural participation in 1999, defeating group winner (Vader finished second), Kenta Kobashi in the final. Under elimination rules, Vader lost in the following year in the quarter-finals, to Mitsuharu Misawa.
CWA (CATCH WRESTLING ASSOCIATION): European organisation booked by big Otto Wanz. Wanz, who at one stage had bought an AWA title-run from AWA owner/champ Verne Gagne, was impressed with Vader during his tours of the States, even dropping his CWA belt to Vader in Leon's home town of Denver, Colorado. Vader left AWA for the lengthy and successful Summer tours of Europe, eventually leaving for a huge money offer from New Japan. Vader returned for the odd tour for Otto, winning three World titles along the way.
DAVEY BOY SMITH: British wrestler, and former Intercontinental champion, Davey Boy Smith joined WCW in early 1993 after failing WWF's initial 'wellness' programme. Davey Boy Smith headlined Slamboree '93, and a Clash of the Champions special against Vader in two thrilling matches.
DUSTY RHODES : One of Vader's best friends in pro-wrestling, and the man responsible for Vader being signed to WCW, his WCW title runs, as well as being booked for TNA and the ill-fated Taboo Tuesday appearance. Dusty is a former three-time NWA World champion, now working in the office at Titan.
EL CANEK: Legendary Mexican wrestler, is a former fourteen time UWA World title holder, defeating Lou Thesz for his first title reign in 1978. In late 1989, Big Van Vader defeated Canek to hold the IWGP, CWA and UWA World titles simultaneously.
EYES OF THE WORLD :The name of the tune Big Van Vader used in New Japan.
FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: Vader's only big screen role, playing the monster heel Goliath to battle Kenshiro in an action version of the popular Japanese anime.
G1 CLIMAX: New Japan's annual summer tournament. Began life in 1991 with the sole aim of creating new stars. Vader jobbed to Keiji Mutoh early on, who himself fell to Masa Chono in the final.
GAIJIN: Japanese term for foreigner.
GEORGE LUCAS: The owner of the Vader trademark.
GHC (GLOBAL HONORED CROWN): Pro Wrestling NOAH's title. Vader lost in the semi-finals of the tournament to create the first champion, losing to Yoshihiro Takayama. Vader's only shot at the title was a loss to Jun Akiyama. Vader was successful in his quest to become GHC tag team champion, in teaming with Scorpio.
GIANT GRAM: The greatest wrestling videogame, period. Giant Gram, and its sequel Giant Gram 2000 were a revolution in the videogame World. Both released for the Dreamcast, and so much more superior to the 3D games released for the PlayStation One at the same time. Find a cheap Dreamcast (Japanese or chipped) on eBay, and if you have to choose; choose 2000, which features several legends, including Bruiser Brody.
GORILLA MONSOON: Former super-heavyweight wrestler, later part-owner of the WWWF (before selling his share to Vince Jr.), and announcer. Gorilla was the figure-head of the WWF (Jack Tunney role) during Vader's initial run, with Vader attacking Monsoon in an angle on Monday Night RAW, leading to Vader's story-line suspension, allowing him surgery to his shoulder.
GREAT AMERICAN BASH : One of the great names in WCW PPV history, later bastardised by WWE. The 1987 event was as good as the 1991 was bad. Vader debuted on the 1990 event, DESTROYING Tom Zenk in the process. Two years later, Vader won his first WCW World title, cleanly pinning Sting.
HARLEY RACE: Former seven-time NWA World champion, manager of three-time World champion Big Van Vader, World champion Lex Luger, and, er, the Colossal Kongs, Harley Race now runs the WLW group. As well as managing Vader onscreen, Race often advised Vader offscreen in the political World of WCW, as well as coming up with submissions for Vader for his UWF-I run.
HAMMER HOUSE: Mark Coleman's MMA stable which includes Kevin Randleman, Phil Baroni, and briefly Vader. After being signed by Dream Stage Entertainment in 2004, Vader trained at the Hammer House. Coleman is a former Olympic wrestler, and winner of the 2000 PRIDE GP.
HEAVENLY THUNDERThe name of Big Van Vader's first WCW theme (the heavy metal theme). :
INDIES: Since leaving NOAH in early 2003, Vader has wrestled for a number of independent promotions, most significantly JAPW, teaming with Mike Awesome to face Samoa Joe and Dan Maff.
IWGP (INTERNATIONAL WRESTLING GRAND PRIX): The name of New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Heavyweight title, won three-times by Vader. Also held at some stage by Hulk Hogan, Antonio Inoki, Great Muta, Shinya Hashimoto, Brock Lesnar, and, Scott Norton.
JESSE VENTURA STRONGEST ARM: After losing to tournament winner Van Hammer in the semi-final of 1992's Strongest Arm, Vader defeated Davey Boy Smith and Ice Train to win 1993's worked tournament.
JIM CORNETTE: Hall of Fame manager, and former booker of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and Ohio Valley. Famous as much for his temper as much as he is for his tennis racquets, Cornette managed Vader throughout 1996, including the Summerslam '96 main event against Shawn Michaels.
JIM DUGGAN: Hacksaw Jim Duggan often phoned it in during his lengthy WWF and WCW runs. The Mid-South Jim Duggan of old returned at Starrcade '94 in a great brawl with Vader over the WCW US title.
JOE THURMAN: Hapless jobber, teamed with TA McCoy in a late 1992 episode of WCW Worldwide, being viciously beaten up with punches, clotheslines, followed by a chokeslam, then powerbomb. The latter breaking Thurman's back. The video can be found on YouTube.
JUN AKIYAMA: GHC Heavyweight champion, Akiyama handed Vader his last pinfall loss in December 2001 in a successful defence of his first run, avenging a loss to Vader a year earlier in a Triple Crown title match.
KEN SHAMROCK: Former King of Pancrase and UFC Superfight champion, Shamrock turned to sports entertainment in 1997 facing Vader in his first match at the A Cold Day In Hell PPV in a battle well worthy of it's NHB moniker. The inexperienced (in pro-wrestling) Shamrock injured Vader, breaking his nose in four places. Four months later at an FMW event, Vader gained revenge, with Shamrock coughing up blood.
KENTA KOBASHI: Possibly the greatest wrestler of the current generation, Kobashi lost to Vader in the grand final of the 1999 Champion Carnival, although he defeated Vader for the Triple Crown in 2000. Kobashi has held the Triple Crown on three occasions and the GHC Heavyweight title in a two year reign. FONT>
LOS ANGELES RAMS: Vader played for the Los Angeles Rams between 1977-1981, leaving after knee injury. Vader also represented the LA Rams in the NFL Arm Wrestling Championships, reaching the finals two years out of three.
LOU THESZ: Widely regarded as the greatest pro-wrestler ever to have lived, Lou Thesz is a former six-time NWA World champion. Thesz refereed the Tokyo Dome match between Vader and Shinya Hashimoto in 1989, and presented the Best of the World tournament trophy, and his old NWA title belt to Vader five years later. Thesz was outspoken of sports entertainment, and didn't rate Vader as a wrestler.
MASA CHONO: Nicknamed Mr. August due to his record breaking five G1 Climax tournament wins, Chono was the first victim in Vader's first IWGP title win (also defeating Tatsumi Fujinami and Shinya Hashimoto) at New Japan's first Tokyo Dome extravaganza. Chono is also a former IWGP and NWA (defeating Rick Rude) World champion.
MASA SAITO: Former AWA World champion Masa Saito fought Vader several times in the AWA, and later recommended him to New Japan to play the Big Van Vader character. Saito often worked as a manager and tag team partner of Vader.
MASTERS OF THE POWERBOMB: Name of the team Vader formed with Sid Vicious with the two teaming at Beach Blast 93, and at the disastrous Beach Blast mini-movie.
MASTODON: To quote the Oxford dictionary; a large extinct elephant-like mammal of the Miocene to Pleistocene epochs. Or Vader.
MIKE WEAVER: Before becoming a pro-wrestler, Vader was once the sparring partner for the former WBA World heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Weaver.
MINI VADER: In 1997, WWF added several midgets to their roster, including Mini-Vader and Mini-Mankind. The team lost to Mascarita Sagrada Jr. and La Parkita on the Royal Rumble undercard.
MITSUHARU MISAWA: Former five time Triple Crown champion won his last title from Vader in the main event of All Japan's Tokyo Dome event of May 1999. Less then six months later, Vader defeated Misawa to win it back. Mitsuharu Misawa left All Japan in 2000 to form Pro-Wrestling NOAH, winning the GHC title on two occasions. R.I.P.
MR. HUGHES: Teammate of Vader in Harley's Henchmen in 1991-92. Mr. Hughes teamed with Vader at Starrcade '91 and at Clash of the Champions XVIII. Hughes also wrestled as the Big Cat and for ECW, although one shouldn't expect him back in ECW anytime soon.
NJPW (NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING): The King of Sports, well, at least in much of the eighties and nineties. Now (almost) booked into the ground death of WCW style, New Japan was once the hottest promotion in the world showcasing the likes of Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow as monster gaijins, Antonio Inoki, Riki Choshu and Tatsumi Fujinami as legendary Japanese superstars, and the new face of puroresu, Masa Chono, Shinya Hashimoto and Keiji Mutoh (as the Three Muskateers). Vader held three IWGP World titles before leaving for WCW on a permanent basis.
NOAH (PRO-WRESTLING NOAH: After Giant Baba died, many of his All Japan wrestlers defected to form a new promotion, Pro-Wrestling NOAH. NOAH are currently the most popular pro-wresling promotion in Japan, often relying on pure wrestling rather then gimmicks or worked-shoot matches.
NOBUHIKO TAKADA: Pioneer of shootfighting for the UWF in the eighties, and UWF-I a decade later where he fought Vader in three successful (ok, two were successful) matches. See as the real deal in Japan before getting EXPOSED by Rickson Gracie on the first PRIDE event. Takada fought several more shoot matches but with little success.
ORIG WILLIAMS: Welsh promoter and wrestler (El Bandito), Williams managed Vader during his time in Catch.
OTTO WANZ: Former boxer, big Otto Wanz bought an AWA title reign in the eighties. Wanz also promoted the European Catch Wrestling Association, holding the CWA version of the World title for most of the time periods between 1973 and 1990, only losing the belt three times in the process (his fourth reign ended when he vacated the belt due to retirement), two of those times were to Bull Power who had many epic and brutal battles with Wanz.
PAUL BEARER: The ex-Percy Pringer, Paul Bearer managed Vader in 1997 during a feud with his former charge, the Undertaker. Bearer later managed Kane in 1998 during a feud with then babyface Vader.
POWERBOMB: Vader's devastating finishing move, also known as the Vader bomb. Responsible for the broken back of Joe Thurman.
PRIDE FC (PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS): In early 2004, Vader signed a six-fight $400,000 contract with Dream Stage Entertainment that was to include worked matches with DSE's pro-wrestling group Hustle, and shoot matches with DSE's MMA group PRIDE. After wrestling the late Shinya Hashimoto on the first Hustle card, Vader trained for his MMA debut at the Hammer House. So far, so good. The problem being that PRIDE's US office have a terrible relationship with their employees, just ask Bas Rutten. The rest is history. Vader never did, and never will, fight for PRIDE.
REAL WORLD TAG LEAGUE: All Japan's annual tag team tournament. Vader teamed with former nemesis, Stan Hansen, in 1998, winning all seven group matches, before losing to Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama in the grand final. The following year, Vader teamed with Johnny Smith, finishing a disappointing fourth place.
RIKI CHOSHU: Legendary wrestler who Vader defeated (and later lost to) for his second IWGP World title. Vader later worked for Choshu in the shocking World Japan group.
RIOT: During Vader's debut appearance for New Japan, he defeated Antonio Inoki in less then three minutes. Not only did the New Japan fans hate the fact that Inoki had lost for the first time in four years (and in a terrible short match), but they hated the WWF style gmmicks with actor/comedian Beat Takeshi utilised as a manager, and the cheap finish in an earlier match between Inoki and Riki Choshu. The fans subsequently rioted and were banned from the Sumo Hall for over a year.
ROADKILL: During the Vader-Hulk Hogan feud of 1995, WCW sent Vader on the Roadkill tour, showing up at indie events, obliterating anyone in site. The most famous of which (and found on YouTube) was at a USWA taping, destroying Mr. World Class, T.D. Steele, Max Muscle and the referee in the process.
ROCKY MOUNTAINS: The home of Vader, in Denver Colorado.
RON SIMMONS: Marketed as the first black World champion by Bill Watts, defeating Vader for the title in 1992, losing several months later back to Leon. Former tag team wrestler with Butch Reed as Doom, since went on to wrestle for the WWF as Farooq.
SALMAN HASHIMIKOV : One of several Russian wrestlers bought to New Japan in 1989 to add some prestige to the organisation (and more guys to job for Inoki). Steve Williams refused to put Hashimikov on a card in May of that year, resulting in Vader getting a big fat paycheck for staring at the glass ceiling for three whole seconds.
SANTA VADER : Vader's original WWF run was full of wrestlecrap moments. None more so then the Christmas 1997 edition of Monday Night Raw. While the main event saw Shawn Michaels job to his friend, then mid-carder Triple H, Vader (on his first Raw for two weeks since losing to Jeff Jarrett) only managed an undercard showing, interrupting Goldust as he came out (ahem) for a promo, dressed as Santa Claus.
SCORPIO: One of Vader's personal friends from the Rocky Mountains. Vader got Scorpio work with New Japan, WCW, WWF, All Japan and NOAH. The two held the GHC tag team titles in the latter promotion. Scorpio worked as Too Cold Scorpio in WCW, and was another figure out-politicked by the Nature Boy.
SHINYA HASHIMOTO : Excellent heavyweight wrestler, one third of the Three Muskateers (with Masa Chono and Keiji Mutoh), and former three-time IWGP World champion as well as a former NWA and Triple Crown holder. Hashimoto lost to Vader in the finals of the IWGP title tournament in 1989, and more recently fought Vader on the first Hustle show. Tragically died in 2005.
STAN HANSEN: Personal friend of Vader, and one tough SOB. Defended the AWA World title against a green Bull Power at the Rage in a Cage event in 1986. More famously, whilst representing the honour of All Japan; Hansen battled Vader (who was the IWGP champion at the time) in a BRUTAL match at the Tokyo Dome, resulting in Vader almost losing his eye legit. Hansen and Vader later teamed in All Japan. Hansen is now retired but alongside Vader and Bruiser Brody, is one the top gaijins ever to fight in Japan.
STEAM EMITTING HELMET : The cool helmet worn by Vader as part of the Big Van Vader gimmick in New Japan. Selectively worn in WCW also. A redesigned helmet was used at recent All Japan and DDT cards. Also referred to as his 'ceremonial headgear', the helmet now resides in Vader's basement... apparently.
STEVE WILLIAMS : Dr. Death is a former Triple Crown champion, winning All Japan's tag team title on several occasions with Terry Gordy, and one time with Vader. More recently, Williams has battled successfully throat cancer. A true legend, who never had chance to cement that status in the west.
STING: Perhaps Vader's most famed opponent. The two fought in singles competition at the Great American Bash '92, Starrcade '92. SuperBrawl III, Slamboree 94 and Fall Brawl 94, with Vader often the victor in their brutal feud. Now earning a fat pay check in TNA.
SUMMERSLAM '96 : Perhaps Vader's most famous match whilst wrestling for Vince. Shawn refused to job for Leon and insisted on beating him clean for several weeks prior to the PPV at houseshows across America. The match was restarted several times in storyline fashion before Shawn finally scored the clean (what else?) victory.
SUPER GRADE TAG LEAGUE: The name of New Japan's annual tag team tournament existing from 1991 until 2003. At the inaugural tournament, Vader teamed with Tatsumi Fujinami, defeating Riki Choshu & Masa Saito in the final.
SUPER INVADER: Another Harley Race charge, and sometimes partner of Vader. The late Hercules Hernandez was the man lurking under that ridiculous costume.
SUPER VADER : New Japan, who created the Big Van Vader gimmick, prevented Vader from using that term when he signed for rival promotion UWF-I, with Vader using the Super Vader name instead.
TABOO TUESDAY: The ill-fated return to the big stage for Vader, and the Titan curse continued. After falling flat on his ass on the previous nights RAW, Vader teamed with Goldust and Coach to lose to Batista, fucking up a spinebuster along the way. As Dave Meltzer said; "this was nearly Shockmaster bad."
TATSUMI FUJINAMI : Six-time former IWGP World champion, Fujinami defeated Vader for the vacant IWGP title in early 1988, with Vader gaining revenge a year later on his way to his first IWGP title win. The two also traded title wins in early 1991, and teamed to win the Super Grade Tag League later that year. Fujinami has recently left New Japan.
TATSUO NAKANO : Super Vader's first opponent in the UWF-I. Vader defeated Nakano in spectacular fashion in a little over three minutes. The best was yet to come.
TNA (TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION): Formely a money-losing group from Nashville, now a money-losing group from Orlando. Vader made two brief appearances in early 2003, teaming with Dusty Rhodes to take on the Harris Brothers.
TOKYO DOME: Also known as the Egg Dome. The location of Vader's first IWGP title win in 1989. Vader headlined in 1990 (against Stan Hansen), 1996 (Antonio Inoki), and 1999 (Mitsuharu Misawa).
TOM ZENK: The first opponent for Vader in WCW, being squashed in just over two minutes.
TOSHIAKI KAWADA: Dangerous K is a former five-time Triple Crown champion, having several classic battles with Vader during his time in All Japan.
TRIPLE CROWN: All Japan's Triple Crown title consists of the NWA International heavyweight, PWF heavyweight and NWA United National championships. At onetime the most prestigous title in Japan.
UNDERTAKER: The dead man has always booked himself as a special attraction, winning four WWF titles in the process. The Undertaker did a rare job for Vader at Royal Rumble 97, obviously getting the win back, several moths later at Canadian Stampede.
UWA (UNIVERSAL WRESTLING ASSOCIATION) : Mexican promotion, boasting Lou Thesz as it's first World champion. Other champions have included notable names such as Antonio Inoki, Riki Choshu, Perro Aguayo and Big Van Vader. El Canek is the most celebrated UWA champion, winning it, and losing, fifteen times, including to all the above names.
UWF-I (UNION OF PRO-WRESTLING FORCE INTERNATIONAL): Worked-shoot organisation, formed at the ashes of the UWF promotion with Nobuhiko Takada as it's top star. Leon, as Super Vader, lost to Takada in front of 46,000 fans in late 1993, but later defeated Takada for the belt, headlining several more events. UWF-I went order due to the failure to create new match-ups after they exhausted the Vader-Takada-Gary Albright combinations.
VADER: The shortened name of Big Van Vader, used in WCW in 1993, and every year thereafter.
VADER ATTACK: A bell clap, Vader slaps both ears of his opponent simultaneously with the palms of his hands.
VADER BOMB: The name first used to describe Vader's devastating powerbomb. Later used to describe the V-bomb, but I've also heard it used to describe the Vader lariat.
VADER HAMMER: The unleashing of many hammer blows in the corner to his hapless victims. Vader broke Cactus Jack's nose legit with such a move.
VADER SAULT : The name the announcers gave to Vader's moonsault. First executed at Beach Blast 93, much to the amazement of Jesse Ventura and Tony Schiavone. The first big man (except for the Headhunters) to use a moonsault, with the move often missing its target in more recent years.
VADER TIME : Vader's catchphrase since his WCW days; "It's time, it's time, it's Vader time."
V-BOMB : The name given to Vader's second-rope corner splash as first used in WCW, later called the Vader bomb in Titan and everywhere else.
WARGAMES : One of the most spectacular gimmicks in pro-wrestling history, the Wargames consisted of two teams of either four or five fighting in a two-ring stel cage affair. Highlights being the 1987 Four Horseman and 1992 Dangerous Alliance versions. Vader fought on the 1993 version, teaming with Sid Vicious and Harlem Heat, losing to Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes & the Shockmaster in a piss-poor match.
WCW (WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING) : The promotion where Vader made his name in the west.
WHITE CASTLE OF FEAR : The name of the leather strap match Vader and Sting fought at SuperBrawl III. For weeks prior to the event, Vader wore a white cloak during promo's.
WJ (WORLD JAPAN) : Riki Choshu's XFL of a promotion, hiring Vader (as Big Vader) for several months in 2003. Vader's biggest match coming against shootfighter Don Frye. Other World Japan 'talent' included Dan Bobish, Kenzo Suzuki, The Road Warriors, Kensuke Sasaki (the first, and only, WJ champion), and future Japanese superstar Katsuhiko Nakajima.
WRESTLE LAND: New Japan's 'comedic' promotion, ie - a rip-off of Hustle. Vader was signed as part of the Makai Club led by Kantaro Hoshino, debuting in September 2006 in what will perhaps be the last hurrah for the former three-time IWGP Champion.
YOKOZUNA: The giant Samoan former WWF World champion during Vader's domination of WCW. The two later feuded in the WWF. Vader and Yokozuna also teamed and fought upon occasion in New Japan where Yoko wrestled as Kokina Maximus.

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