VADER JOINS HEAVEN'S WRESTLING FEDERATION: 18/06/2018: Unfortunately Leon J. White passed away after a brave battle with heart issues that went on for the last 2 years of his life. The BigVanVader.Com staff wishes to extend its condolences to the family of the legend. R.I.P. big man. We greet you with a 10-bell salute.

VADER TWEETS BAD NEWS ABOUT HIS HEALTH: 20/04/2017: The man tweeted "As I enter my final days, proud of the Father Son Brother Football player Pro WrestlerThe Super Heavy Big Man Goat Im Grateful for the Time Big Van Vader (@itsvadertime)". We wish him all the best and ask for everyone's prayers at this difficult time.

CHAEL SONNEN GOES OFF ON VADER: 12/03/2016: Vader missed Shonnen's podcast and Chael had some not-so-nice words about it. The man has not commented on it.

VADER REVEALS SIGNIFICANT HEALTH PROBLEMS: 11/15/2016: Vader's today tweet read: "Told by 2.heart Drs at this time that my heart is wore out from footbal&wrestling I have 2 yrs to live , conjestive hesrt failure reality". Everyone from wishes him the best at this difficult time, and we ask all of you for your prayers. As Mick Foley noted, perhaps it is time for a WWE Hall of Fame induction?

VADER INVOLVED IN ROLL-OVER CAR ACCIDENT: 11/08/2016: Vader revealed on twitter that he had been involved in a roll-over car accident earlier today and that he is in tough shape. Check out his pics on his account.

VADER VS OSPREAY: 08/13/2016: Vader defeated Will Ospreay via pinfall at last night's Revolution Pro Wrestling 'Uprising 2016' show at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London.

VADER TO INDUCT STAN HANSEN TO THE HALL OF FAME: 05/22/2016: It turns out Vader's time for the WWE Hall of Fame has not come yet. He will induct his legendary rival Stan Hansen at the class of 2016 though on April 2nd just before Wrestlemania 32!

VADER WWE HALL OF FAME 2016 RUMOUR: 03/05/2016: We get a lot of mails people asking whether Big Van Vader will be inducted on the WWE Hall of Fame with the class of 2016. The man himself left some hints on his twitter account but as of today no official word has been given from any party involved. So stay tuned for updates!

VADER MOONSAULTS VIDEO: 01/04/2016: The man himself retwitted some great videos of his moonsaults. Check them out! Hiw twitter is here.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY 2016!: 12/24/2015: From everyone here at, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!

YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOTE: 12/14/2015: Just a quick note, some of Vader's battles in Japan have been removed from bigvancrush, our official youtube presence due to nagging and bitching from small-time promoters. Enjoy the rest of the content guys!

VADER PRAISES THE LEGENDARY YOKOZUNA: 10/30/2015: Interestingly Vader lists on twitter Yokozuna as his all time favorite big man in wrestling, especially the time when Yoko was working in Japan, lean and agile at 450lbs.

VADER AT WWE NETWORK'S TABLE FOR 3: 10/25/2015: Vader, Sting and DDP recall their iconic bouts.

VADER IN WWE 2K16: 10/02/2015: Vader is revealed to be featured on WWE 2K16!

VADER'S FIRST WCW GOLD EXACTLY 23 YEARS AGO: 07/23/2015: Vader defeated Sting for the WCW Heavyweight Championship 23 years ago in 1992, at the Great American Bash pay-per-view.

VADER IN TNA WRESTLING!: 06/24/2015: Vader returned to TNA and defeated Bram via DQ, marking his first appearance in the organization in 12 years! Vader answered Bram's challenge as part of the past TNA's roster and even hit the Vader Bomb!

TRUE GIANTS DVD RELEASE: 01/19/2015: Vader commented on his twitter about the recently WWE released DVD entitled "True Giants". A great collection of matches with the big guys, check it out.

VADER WORKING OUT: 11/21/2014: Vader posted a couple great photos in his official twitter account, here . 60 lbs leaner!

VADER SPEAKS OUT!: A great three-part interview with Vader conducted by can be found here (part 1) , here (part 2) and here (part 3). Vader has some very interesting unheard stories including saving Sid Vicious' life! Don't miss it! Also available at a video message from the man himself and an audio segment regarding the crazy scissor fight between Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious here.

STONE COLD PODCASTS WITH VADER: 05/28/14: Available at, episode 119 dated May 27 featured Vader. Episode 122 follows with the second part, out on June 5th.

VADER PULLS OUT OF SCHEDULED APPEARANCE: 04/26/14: German wrestling promotion Westside Xtreme Wrestling has announced today that Shane Douglas and Vader have pulled out of a scheduled appearance set for today at a convention show called Superstars of Wrestling in Oberhausen, Germany. No official reply from Vader yet. The statement of wXw can be found here.

VADER APPEARANCE AT ECPS: 04/19/14: East Coast Pro Wrestling's Super Showcase Saturday takes place tonight at First Arena in Elmira, NY. Vader, Tito Santana, Ted Dibiase Jr. and Velvet Sky will be joining ECPW talent on the show.

NEW VADER VIDEO ADDED ON YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Fancam from one of his matches in 2013. Opponent is Andrew Anderson. Check it!

VADER AND MICK FOLEY ANNIVERSARY APPEARANCE: On Sunday March 16th 2014 it will be 20 years since the legendary match between Mick Foley and Vader in WCW in Munich that cost Foley 2/3 of his right ear. Foley and Vader will attend an autograph signing and a live Q&A session at the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2014. Tickets avalable here!


BIOGRAPHY UPDATED: Added up-to-date information.

BLEACHERREPORT.COM ARTICLE: Great article this January on for Vader. Check it here.

GREAT PHOTO SECTION ON CACTUS JACK VS VADER AND OTHER VADER MOMENTS ON WWE.COM: Some great photos from this legendary feuds in WCW and WWE. Worth checking. Keep in mind, PG friendly.

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Happy New Year pro wrestling and Vader fans around the world! May 2014 be your time!

DYNAMITE KID DOCUMENTARY RELEASED: Finally ships the Dynamite Kid documentary "A Matter of Pride". No matter what you think of Dynamite, this is a MUST-HAVE!

VADER ACTIVE IN JAPAN +BRUNO SAMMARTINO: As of April 2013 Vader is active sporadically in All Japan Pro Wrestling. Also would like to congratulate Bruno Sammartino, a true legend for his WWE Hall of Fame induction.

VADER WISHES FOR A HAPPY 2013, PHOTO: Vader wishes everyone a Happy New Year and shares a nice photo on his official twitter account #itsvadertime . Check it out.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM BIGVANVADER.COM: Happy New Year everybody from the BigVanVader.Com stuff!

VADER REPLIES TO WRESTLINGINC REGARDING THE ALLEGED ALTERCATION WITH HARLEY RACE: 10/16/12: (From his twitter account) "Just read Wrestling inc .com what a bunch of bullshi!!!.Harley has been and has always my friend some one I respect and admire. Not mention he is seventy yrs old has a very bad knee.Total and complete fabrication.Harley arrived @the autograph session enthusiasticly greeted me hello by patting me on the back of my head w/HOF ring thats it end of story We took some pics together w/ fans and parted ways."

VADER ALTERCATION WITH HARLEY RACE: 10/15/12: From Rob Feinstein's facebook: "Vader was in a foul mood the entire day which is typical of him. He started to talk nasty to a few fans and Race did not approve. Race told Vader not to disrespect the fans as they are paying to see them. Vader made a smart ass comment which pissed Harley off. Harley who is crippled now struck Vader in the head with a punch. Vader when to strike back but instead hit a promoter who was standing near by. The promoter from what I told had to get a ice pack and Vader walked out of the room. That was basically how it went down and I am shocked that Vader would do that in front of the fans. I was waiting for Orndorff to do a run in."

ANOTHER VADER APPEARANCE TO WWE RAW: On July 23rd 2012 Vader made another appearance on WWE Raw, preventing Slater from leaving in his match against Lita.

VADER RETURNS TO WWE RAW, WWE '12 APPEARANCE: On June 11th 2012 Vader returned to face Heath Slater in WWE Raw commenting "It was Vader time one more time. There's nothing like it in the world, [it] felt great." The backstage interview is available on WWE website. Vader also opened up and mentioned several personal problems justifying his absence from the mainstream north-american wrestling scene. Vader is also featured on WWE '12, the first time in several years he appears in a WWE game.

VADER RETURNS TO ACTION ONE MORE TIME: Vader will be returning to the ring over in Japan for the Real Japan Pro Wrestling promotio. Source:

DYNAMITE KID SHOOT INTERVIEW COMING UP +BLOODSTAINED MEMOIRS DVD RELEASED: We cannot wait for the first shoot interview of Dynamite Kid advertised by the Bloodstained Memoirs crew on their official youtube channel here. As a side note, their excellent dvd Bloodstained Memoirs is available for purchase, do not miss it!

JESSE WHITE: As noted by Ted Galbally on Fighter's magazine last month, wwe signed Jesse White to a developmental contract. Let's see how this turns out.

FIGHTER'S MAGAZINE EDITOR TED GALBALLY DOES HIS MIRACLE AGAIN: Don't forget to check Fighter's Magazine's December issue for some up-to-date wrestling news aaaaaand.... a superb STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN EXCLUSIVE interview! After mixing it well with the LEGENDARY JEFF JARRETT in previous issues and the great TNA reports, British Genius Editor Ted Galbally really did it this time. Enjoy. And don't forget, you can always find him on GrappleZone.Com . Keep it up Ted we are very proud of you!

BIGVANCRUSH YOUTUBE CHANNEL UPDATED!: After quite some time and legal threats from njpw and wwe against our official youtube channel, we are proud to present 2 new videos featuring Vader's tag match with Jesse in Japan versus Daichi Hashimoto and Shinjiro Otani.

SERVER CHANGE:Hey there folks, we are in the middle of a server change so don't worry for some expected downtimes in the next month. We will return soon.

SCOTT NORTON UPDATE: Scott Norton, one of the most dangerous heavy-hitters in Pro Wrestling history is much in the bodyguard bussiness right now with much success (clients include Prince, Kendra Wilkinson and other celebrities) and he is still hitting the gym hard! That is good news!

VADER SPEAKS OUT- AT LAST!: On a more happy update since our last one, Vader has finally come out of his shell and gave a very honest interview with for their "Where Are They Now" section. Definitely check it out, covers a bunch of topics. An alumni profile is also available.

FAREWELL MACHO MAN... WE WILL MISS YOU VERY MUCH: Sad Update guys.... Unfortunately today we lost one of the greatest gems in the wrestling world, one of the greatest to ever lace a pair of boots and one of the kindest hearts. BigVanVader.Com staff is deeply saddened to announce that Macho Man Randy Savage was killed in a car crash earlier today (May 20th 2011) after suffering a heart attack while driving, causing him to smash the vehicle on a tree. The entire wrestling industry is shocked and various wrestlers and personalities commented on media. We dedicate BigVanVader.Com to his legacy, he will be truly missed... Rest In Peace Macho, and go win that Heaven Wrestling Championship belt ASAP.

ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER INDUCTED INTO WWE HALL OF FAME: One of the most deserving stars was inducted in this year's WWE Hall Of Fame. Abdullah The Butcher, the father of hardcore and one of the best big men to ever lace a pair of boots got what he deserved and let us know that he was very happy about it. Maybe next year it's Vader Time! Either way, congratulations Abby from everyone here at BigVanVader.Com , we love you and wish you always the best!

NEW WRESTLING NETWORK +MAIL CHANGE: We are very pleased to announce the launch of an excellent new wrestling website, BigVanVader.Com's webmaster has an entry there too, here! Thanks to the webmaster, Mr. Eddie Galbally. Also we would like to announce that if you wish to mail us, the address is changed. All links are updated.

TMAS LIVE SERIES IN NOTTINGHAM: COMBAT and FIGHTER'S magazines put up a great first of a series of martial arts shows in Nottingham on November 28. "TMAS Live Series" phase 2 is now on the way for the 20th of February and pre-registrations have already began! British practitioners, go for it! More information here. And don't forget to check Youtube for videos of the T1 show. applauds such efforts in promoting the Budo way. "Just come to the show and have a great time!"- Ted Galbally, editor

MERRY XMAS EVERYONE: The BigVanVader.Com staff wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We assure you that this site will be alive and @ss-kicking in 2011 once again! God Bless You all.

BIGVANVADER.COM GETS ANOTHER MENTION IN FIGHTER'S MAGAZINE: WWE's unfair war against our youtube channel is mentioned in this month's Fighter's magazine.

OKLAHOMA DAILY ARTICLE ON VADER: The Oklahoma Daily ran an article this week on the son of former World Champion Vader, Jesse White, who also played football at the University of Oklahoma. The article talked about how Jesse is training for a career in pro wrestling and included comments from Vader and Jim Ross. Jesse is training for wrestling two days a week now and is working for Midsouth Pro Wrestling in Oklahoma. It was noted that Vader is still planning shows in Japan and North America through his company, Vader Time Promotions and will be holding a week-long wrestling camp later this year at the Paradise City Night Club in Oklahoma City. Vader says he will be trying to help Jesse live his dream and get a contract with WWE. Vader said: "The main thing to me is he approaches the opportunities correctly. He has to leave the arrogance behind. You have to stay humble, and bring God with you on the road. That's something I didn't do for a long time."

HE IS FINALLY BACK!: Vader once again returned to the ring yesterday (April 29th) in Tokyo, teaming with his son Jesse and Too Cold Scorpio to defeat Tatsumi Fujinami, Tamon Honda and Makoto Hashi in the main event at Shinjuku Face. We hope that maybe it is time we enjoy the father/son duo in a major usa network!If anyone would like to send any photos/videos from the event to be posted here, it would be welcome!

VADER HAVING DINNER AT ROSS' BARBEQUE: From Jim Ross' blog: "Yours truly enjoyed a nice visit and a great dinner with Big Van Vader aka Leon White and his son Jesse White at JR's BBQ Friday night. Vader has really made some significant changes in his life including becoming a Born Again Christian and dropping about 60 pounds or so. Leon is still a big man but at 340 he looks great for a guy who still wants to occasionally step in the ring. He's training differently and certainly eating differently these days. Some indy promoters, etc may be missing some unique opportunities by not using Big Van Vader on selected cards with the right creative around him. Vader and Jesse will be teaming in Tokyo later in April which I am anxious to see a DVD of when possible. Jesse came to Oklahoma University as a big time high school football center, #1 in America, but injured his hip while at close to 300 pounds. That injury ended Jesse's football career. Jesse is now a month away from graduating and weighs approximately 235 and looks terrific. His hip issues were largely resolved after he dropped the excess pounds. Jesse turns 24 on Monday and has a bright future in the wrestling business of which we throughly discussed. For those keeping score at home, Leon had a Tabasco Chicken Salad and smoked chicken soft tacos and pinto beans at our place, with no cold beer, and no fried pie for desert. Vader and Jesse are teaming at a small, Oklahoma indy show on Sunday afternoon."

JIM ROSS ARTICLE ON VADER'S WHEREABOUTS : From Jim Ross' blog: "On Vader's whereabouts: Leon "Vader" White emailed me this week and is sending me some things of which to remember our late, old friend Steve "Dr. Death" Williams. Leon has made many, personal, life style changes not to mention becoming a Born Again Christian. Leon and his son Jesse will form a tag team in April in Japan which will undoubtedly be an exiting experience for father and son. Jesse graduates from Oklahoma University in May and will likely test the waters in pro wrestling upon getting his college degree. Jesse is about 6'1"-240 pounds and is healthy now that he has stepped away from big time, college football and isn't carrying the additional weight that he did when he was the top center in high school football in America. Jesse has done some training with the incomparable Harley Race who used to manage Jesse's dad, Big Van Vader, in Atlanta's WCW ."

YOUTUBE CHANNEL REBUILD: NJPW claimed copyright on almost all of our videos so the channel will be upgraded with new material. Anyone who has non-copyrighted material of Vader drop an email here. Thank you.

ARTICLE ON JESSE WHITE: Oklahoma Daily has an article up on Vader's son, Jesse White, and his journey to become a pro wrestler. You can check that out here.

IT'S ON, NJPW ATTACKS BIGVANVADER.COM YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR GOOD: Such a low move, 1 more copyright complaint. And no answer to our disputes, or even a message in english from NJPW. All 4 videos we received complaints for were removed. WE PROMISE TO UPLOAD MORE NON-COPYRIGHTED CONTENT SOON. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL OUR SUBSCRIBERS.

ANOTHER LEGAL NOTICE FROM NJPW:So this is the third in a row. After removing the first video and disputing the second (to which we received no answer), a third notice about a video is sent to us, and again in Japanese. Another dispute opened, since no profit loss occurs to NJPW from our actions. And one more time, to NJPW staff, SEND YOUR EMAILS IN ENGLISH, NOT JAPANESE. Thank you.

NEWEST LEGAL NOTICE ON YOUTUBE FROM NJPW:About another Vader video this time and still notifications in Japanese. We will see where this goes. Dispute opened this time. We will keep you posted on any updates.

LEGAL NOTICE TO BIGVANVADER.COM ONCE AGAIN:This time directed at "bigvancrush", the official Youtube channel of concerning a video of Vader Vs Inoki in NJPW. What a coincidence, now that Inoki will be inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame. We will not dispute the claim, as a token of good faith we already removed the video we just find it sad that after all these years NJPW decided to act as someone else's puppet. Thanks a lot to the subscribers and supports of the channel and this site, you give us the motivation to continue.

WWE VS TNA ON MONDAY NIGHT, BRET HART RETURN, HOGAN RUNNING TNA: According to, this past Monday's edition of Raw drew a final rating of 3.6 and 5.6 million viewers, the same number it did last week. It drew a 3.51 and 5,441,000 viewers for the first hour, and a 3.73 and 5,773,000 viewers for the second. TNA iMPACT! did a 1.5 rating, with the two hours against RAW doing a strong 1.3. The show did hours of 1.7, 1.4 and 1.2. TNA was very happy with the numbers and decided to finally go head-to-head with Raw every week from now on. Bret Hart hosted WWE Raw and returned to a WWE ring after 13 years and got huge reaction both from the fans and the WWE wrestlers (well except DX perhaps). Meanwhile Hulk Hogan is officially running the show on TNA. Good luck to both of these 2 icons.

NEW VADER DVD, "THE HISTORY OF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP": A great collection released by WWE this month, featuring Vader's encounters with Ron Simmons and Ricky Steamboat for the WCW world title.

COMBAT & FIGHTERS MAGAZINES: For English fans especially, do not forget to pick up the latest issues of "Combat" and "Fighters" magazines. Lot's of great stuff in there and a great article mentioning Vader. And a surprise mention in upcoming January's issue! My personal thanks to Mr. Ted Galbally. The official websites of the magazines here and here.

HULK HOGAN NEW DVD COLLECTION, 2 VADER MATCHES INCLUDED: A great collection released by WWE is available for purchase now. Featuring great Hogan matches, and the Hogan/Savage vs Vader/Flair and Hogan vs Vader (at Bash At The Beach) encounters.

VADER APPEARANCE FOR SON DEBUT: On November 8th at the Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Big Van Vader will be on hand signing autographs and watching his son Jesse White make his professional wrestling debut. Source.

BIG VAN VADER RETURNS AT IZW: On Saturday November 7th, Impact Zone Wrestling presents Halloween Hangover featuring the return of Big Van Vader to IZW. Source.

BIG TIME NEWS FOR THE WRESTLING INDUSTRY: The Immortal Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have signed full-time contracts with TNA Wrestling! The legend will square-off against Vince McMahon for tv ratings once again! Finally some serious competition for WWE. Source

BIG VAN VADER AT CHARLOTTE: The 2009 NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend, held Aug. 6-9 at the University Hilton Place Hotel in Charlotte featured a reported guest appearance by Vader.

RETRO VADER ENCYCLOPEDIA RETURNS!: Hello everyone, we wish you happy summer vacations. The encyclopedia section has returned, Vader trivia and other content added. More updates at September.

THE RISE AND FALL OF WCW: A very exciting dvd 3-disc set released by WWE. Available from 8/25. Features Vader's title match with Sting from The Great American Bash 1992 and many interesting stories concerning the defunct colossus of pro wrestling industry.

MACHO MADNESS THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION: We are glad that WWE has finally released a Randy Savage best of match compilation. Check it out folks, definitely worth it.

VADER TIME PROMOTIONS: Leon White's promotion, Vader Time, has shows on July 1st and August 2nd in Tokyo, Japan using Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch as the top foreign tag team. We will try to get our hands on photos form the shows.

LATEST VADER RADIO APPEARANCE 29 APRIL 2009: Another one, In Your Head Wrestling Radio live tonight @8:05 PM EST. Number for live questions is 1-508-644-8503 . Source

WWE GREATEST STARS OF THE 90''S DVD: Well, it's been released in the past several times but it never gets boring. Vader vs Michaels match from Summerslam 1996. Plus a great battle with Sting from Slamboree 1994!

VADER RADIO APPEARANCE 22 APRIL 2009: Vader made another guest radio appearance a few days ago, here. It's good that the big man is more visible more and more in the USA recently.

VADER RADIO APPEARANCE MARCH 2009: Vader was a guest last month on False Count Radio where he explained his current business operations (Vader Time Promotions) and discussed several things including a contract offer he made to the late Andrew "Test" Martin. Click here for the official press release.

NEW VADER MARCH 2009 SHOOT INTERVIEW: With great pleasure I announce that after many years Leon has returned for a great shoot interview conducted by Kayfabe Commentaries. As expected, it is really interesting and covers some never-before mentioned topics. Entitled "Ringside with Vader", it can be bought here. Some very interesting reviews can be found here.

ARCHIVE + CONTACT US: We know there was some confusion about the mail addresses provided here but the problem has finally been resolved. Click here to reach us. Also some useful archives have recently been retrieved and will be edited and added soon.

VADER DVDS +WWE 24/7: More Vader dvds (produced by wwe) out. Summerslam Collection featuring Vader vs Michaels for the Heavyweight Championship (already in sale) and Starrcade The Essential Collection featuring his excellent matches with Sting and Flair, true classics (coming soon). Pal formatted. Also don't forget to check for some good matches from his wcw days at the 24/7 section.

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: Ric Flair finally sat down for a 13-hour (!) shoot with highspots, discussing a whole variety of topics concerning his career. Some interesting comments on Vader as well. Worth buying. here

UPDATE 10/04/2008: Added new photos, fixed broken links.

BIGVANVADER.COM OWNERSHIP CHANGE: MR. BRIAN COOPER, THE CREATOR OF BIGVANVADER.COM HAS STEPPED DOWN FROM THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE SITE. WE WISH HIM THE BEST OF LUCK IN HIS FUTURE ENDEAVORS. His last statement was the following: "It's been an amazing five years. If anyone remembers the early days of the site and the horrendous design right up until the current layout from 2004 onwards. This site has grown to where it hit over a million hits per month at it's peak, survived the WWE legal dispute of late 2005 and has regularly been the best independent pro-wrestler website. Thank you for all your correspondence and support for the past few years but as evident from the past few months; my time and motivation for the site is at an all-time low. Rest assured that this isn't the end of Check back soon for updates from the new owner...".

FLAIR NAMECHECKS VADER: Just shy of perhaps his last pro-wrestling match at WrestleMania XXIV, Ric Flair namechecked Vader in an interview with the Boston NOW website. The article can be found here.

NEW VADER DVD: Silvervision are set to release yet another of their Tagged Classics series in May of this year. In Your House 23 & 24 includes two far-from-classics against Mark Henry and JBL. Pre-order the DVD here (disc available in Europe only.

FOUR NEW YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Big Van Vader takes on Shinya Hashimoto in the inaugural Hustle show, Scott Norton from the glory days of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Dan Maff in a JAPW beatdown alongside Mike Awesome, plus super dodgy camcorder footage from a 2008 Vader signing! Click here to watch the 30 Big Van Vader videos from New Japan, All Japan and NOAH. Click here to subscribe to the videos!

STING DVD CANCELLED: Thanks to Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

NEW VADER MERCHANDISE: Available in Japan, firstly a large size tee shirt (pictured) celebrating twentieth anniversary of Vader time in Japan, and secondly a one-track CD of Vader's NOAH theme tune.

NEW VADER DVD'S *UPDATE*: Three new Vader DVD's this month! The first ~ The Best of Raw - 15th Anniversary 3 disc extravaganza includes Leon beating the crap out of Gorilla Monsoon. The second ~ In Your House 17 & 18 double discage is available in Europe only and includes Vader and The Patriot vs. Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith. Finally ~ In Your House 19 & 20 (also Europe only) includes Kane vs. Vader.

VADER HAS HIP OPERATION: Leon White recently underwent hip replacement surgery and is expected to make a full recovery in early 2008. Vader is all but retired now as a pro-wrestler (he waited til he was all but retired before undergoing surgery) and is expected to only make sporadic independent and Japanese appearances in 2008. Leon also works full-time as a car salesman in his native Colorado.

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